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The Web Makes Me Feel:

What's this about?

The Web Makes You Feel is an insights project exploring how young people feel about the web and also the reasons behind the emotions.

This website displays the information received from a small run of 500 postcards, distributed to 13–19 year olds asking ‘how does the web make you feel? (a one word response only) and a then further sentence of explanation.

You can select an emotion, see the results, and customise the returned data to further inspect that demographic.

Why did we do this?

Simply because no-one was asking this question. There’s a whole bunch of research collating the metrics, demographics, uses and technology ownership, although nothing relating to the emotional—is it too difficult to collect? Or perhaps the technical yields greater rewards? To us, the former is more adventurous and risky, hence we took on the challenge.

This is our pro bono project for 2009 and we’re hoping to make it a cost-neutral exercise because it was a little pricey to do so please buy the report or book a workshop.

Is this ‘research’?

No, not really. This is the response from a spectrum of young people within reach of our client base. Effort has been made to return only the data we require on the postcards, however, considerations have had to be made to prevent duplication of similar words. We asked their age and gender plus the only other data being captured which isn’t on the postcards, is a note of where in the country the cards were seeded (by postcode).

What is happening next?

We launched this website at an event hosted by NESTA in London on the 15th July 2009, the data has been analysed by Dr Kelly Page and is available to buy. This project is a pilot for what may become a bigger project next year (see the Future page for futher information).

Why is this website so 'flat'?

Simply costs, timescales, and a reminder that this is phase 1 of a much bigger plan for next year—we simply just wanted to get this thing up and running.

Chat about us on Twitter, your blogs, and social spaces. We’ll be filling the Event page with your conversation later. Send us a link on the Contact page, if you really don’t want us to miss something.


We spent a few pounds on this project and will be hoping to make it a cost-neutral exercise so please purchase the report or book us for an internal workshop.


With such a wealth of great data, we’re lucky to have the skills of Dr Kelly Page, Insight Architect from Cardiff University to go through the results and craft such a juicy report.

This report is available as academic research from Cardiff University and exclusively through this site for only £100 (just click the Paypal button opposite to purchase).


The TWMMF (two and a half hours) workshop includes the following:

  • contextualising presentation on the fluid new media landscape
  • masterclass on a variety of social media platforms
  • bespoke insights into your own projects and programmes
  • background to the development of this project
  • free report (worth £100)

All for £500 although only four workshops are available. To purchase get in touch through our Contact page.

All proceeds from the above will go towards making this a cost-neutral project.

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The Web Makes Me Feel was launched at NESTA in London, on 15th July 2009, where over 100 people gathered to view the results and mingle with other interested parties.

Check out the video opposite to get a flavour of the event, and view the reactions to the project on our YouTube page.

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If you would like to contact us directly regarding involvement or sponsorship of future events, please do so on the Contact page.


MediaSnackers would like The Web Makes Me Feel project to continue into 2010, with a larger spread of results from different generations and another gathering of valuable, caring and insightful people.

For this to happen, we need your feedback, interest, support, sponsorship and assistance.

We would love to build on this site next year utilising all the social media platforms we deliberately left out of this one, launching a few viral tricks we have up our sleeves and use the comparison data from the previous year.


There’s an opportunity here to embellish what we’ve started, to expand the reach and impact plus do it bigger and better. We’re looking for interested partners to develop this further.

Interested? Then please get in touch through the Contact page.


We’d love to hear your views on this project, the website, the launch event in London (if you visited), the data captured & displayed, the report written and also if you would like to get involved in The Web Makes Me Feel project in 2010.

Anything you need to say, will be listened to and considered.

So please, grab this web 1.0 approach firmly with both hands and shake us some of your best qwerty to date!

If you would like to contact please do so through the
MediaSnackers Website.

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The Web Makes Me Feel: